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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Be Prepared!!!

Millions of people from all over the world are suffering from hunger, thirst, isolation and diseases. Watching the news about war for power, war against poverty, war against illnesses and even spiritual war, each of us have our own battle to face. How are we going to prepare and protect our family? There are lots of information we can get from our local fire station and red cross stations, and on-line. The government gives us the resources and guidelines on how we can be prepared with our family. Our problem is we don't set the goal to when we can start preparing. We have to act now before it's too late.

There are six phases of personal and family preparedness that have been stressed by some insititutional leaders: education, career development, financial, health, and spiritual preparedness, and home production and storage. Of course, we need to help care for those people who do not have adequate means. When we speak of family preparedness, we should speak of foreseen, anticipated, almost expected needs which can be met through wise preparation. This fact further underscores the need for family preparedness. But spiritually minded people finds that the preparedness encouraged by the Church—temporal, emotional, and spiritual—helps them feel more secure and cope more successfully with the trauma. Coping temporal preparedness starts with a year’s supply of food, clothing, and, where possible, fuel. It is truly the first step towards personal and family financial preparedness. We cannot progress without attending to our own personal and family preparedness on a regular basis. Preparedness is not something that is static; it is ever changing.

We need to be more responsible for the things that are yet to come and be prepared for it. We can't just set back and relax and blame our government. Of course, the government are playing a big role in our total national security but we are the one who make the government and we need to do our part-start from ourselves and our family.


Maria said...

Thanks for this post WhiteShodow. Actually, God Commanded us to prepare ourselves for the Disaster. Pls. Check my blog: Prepare for the world disaster. "If ye are Prepared, Ye Shall not Fear."

Aldhis said...

Just like a boy scout motto, Be Prepared! :)
I believe we also need a self help community, which is a community whose member is always ready to help each other when something happen.
It's good to have a prepared family and responsible government, and it's better to have self help community.

Hi! I'm Grace said...

I hate bad news such as this. The least that we can do is to pray for our government, guidance for their decisions and plans for the country.

tikno said...

Household head were the first person who was responsible to make needed preparation for facing disaster. Government is responsible to give early warning to the citizen through the use of technology which could detect the indication of disaster prior to happen.

niar said...

It's true that we have to prepare this as much as we can...cause we know that at a present the issue security is going to progress by the emergence of human security.which the environment, food, freedom are threatened.
prepare our mind and soul which equal to material preparation...and do a good cooperation with government

Anonymous said...

Canned meats, canned cheese and canned butter are available here,

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Actually one year for christmas I made each family a emergency box, it was a hit.

WHITEShadow said...

Hi Iron_woman: Thanks for the comments. I agree with what you said. Thanks for visiting and your blog is very informative. I got all the information I need.

Dear Aldhis: I think the idea of a self-help community is a very ideal one. We need to start taking care of our community. We need to unite in doing it. And it is a two way effort, the family and the government need to work together. That's why we need to do our part as an individual.

Hi Grace: I think there is no bad news as good news. Right, a collective prayer is another way we can do.

Dear Tikno: Yes, it is supposed to be a responsible of the head of the family to provide, and secure his family. The provision of the information is not enough alone, there has to have some programs to help people ease their fear and urge them to start an early preparation or to be prepared all the time. But I admire you of saying that, I know you are a very responsible man.

Hi Niar: Thanks for the comment. I think it's up to us to prepare ourselves materially and spiritually. Even if the government keep on pushing us to prepare if we don't want to cooperate, nothing will will happen. It's our own personal choice and accountability.

Hi Anonymous: I will check that site. I even started buying bulk of oatmeal, flour, and macaroni. Those are the items that would last for 30years. I also have prepared an emergency container with flashlight, oil, sugar, blanket, and few of can goods, of course with can opener. We should be fine for a week with the contain of that container. Just the very basic needs to survive for a while.

Hi Queen-size funny bone: Thanks for visiting and I commend you for the great effort. I think we don't have to do it all at once, we can add few items every now and then. But that alone makes a big difference.

For all of you who read this articles and those who leaves comment. Thanks you so much and hope we all give heed to the counsel of the Lord: "If ye are Prepared, Ye Shall not Fear."(iron_woman quoted)

Keep the faith and wear a smile.

bingkee said...

Well said and I have to say our preparedness should also come with a great trust in our Lord God who is our Almighty Provider.
Hey White Shadow, I have an award for you. Come and check it out at my site.

prihandoko said...

Do you remember a story when a house master told his servant to be ready all the time and be ready to open the door whenever he comes home? Just like that, everything should be prepared in advance.

At work I always tell to my team that preparation is always a must.

WHITEShadow said...

Dear Bingkee: I agree since HE is the source of everything that we should just rely on Him after everything that we can do.

Dear prihandoko: I think you are referring to the story of the bridegroom and the 10 virgins where all of the 10 virgins needs to secure an oil in their lamps which represent of our wise preparation to meet the Lord in the second coming which principle can also be applied in our material and spiritual preparation before the disaster comes. Thanks for stopping by.

Let's keep the faith..