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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Money Won't Buy You Happiness

Well, I think money brings happiness depending on how you use it. I myself like to help others, in result I feel really happy about seeing others happy as well so I feel great about being able to make others happy and to see them smile. So with money, you can make other happy making yourself happy if you enjoy it.

Have you ever noticed that most of the sulking, miserable people that you meet in everyday life are rich people?

The misery that these people go through is not because they don’t have enough money to by two square meals. It occurs due to the fact that everyone seems to have more expectations from money.

So if you are unhappy and think that money is the answer to your problems - think again! You simply are not happy because of your own emotions. There is a saying that ‘if you are not happy here and now, you never will be’. There is a lot of depth behind this statement.

Of course money IS important to help us live our life to the fullest. But at the same time, an increase in its inflow does not bring proportional happiness with it. You need to be aware of this.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Family Is The Cornerstone Of Our Lives.

Family is the cornerstone of our lives. With this in mind, it is each and everyone's responsibility to build a family which has a solid foundation. We start first with our family then the people we know and help them in any way we can and the moment to do so is now.

We do not wait till the structure of the family breaks down and then think how we can make repair the damages.

We give attention to it as if we are growing a seed and nurture it with water, sunshine and fertile soil. We start with loving our family by encouraging them, listening to them, teach them good values, understand them, nurture them with good nutrition and exercises for a healthy minds. When we start caring for ourselves and our loved ones, our family stays intact as the values of the family are solid and each member of the family knows that they can trust the family to help them with any issues as there is already a strong bond and good communication.

We focus on building a family based on unconditional love. Unconditional love never fails anyone and that is exactly how we should bring up a family. When everybody has a good family, our society grows and prospers and when a society prospers, we then have people contributes to society and that contributes to a stable country with good leadership qualities.

When we help others we help ourselves as we do not leave alone and need others for the services they offer. We need nurses and doctors, lawyers and teachers and so many other professionals to enjoy our lives. Help ourselves build a great family and then help other. We will have a society that when energy is focus on strengthening the family, it is a great society and the leaders have truly hit the target on leading the nation.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Be a TRUE friend

Every now and then, wherever I go, I can easily make friends with strangers. Although at the back of my mind, I always remember not to be too friendly and to choose friends with caution. Making friends is very easy like a usual part of me. I have a gift to discern who are true and who are not, but it doesn't matter sometimes, even if I know that they can't be a good influence for me, I would still love to be their friend if I know that somehow I can be of good influence to them. I should say that one of the greatest gift that I have and are been grateful of is the opportunity to met lots of true friends wherever I go.

Winning a friend can't be accomplished overnight or just a mere acquaintances but through the test of time. A true friend will come running for you if you're need help, always listen, never compromise, and treat you as part of her family and cares deeply for you and always extend a helping hand. But if you think you need a true friend to be there for you, be one or you will never be worthy for the blessing that comes along with your friendship, or your heart will harbor bad thought against others, envy, and contempt.

Life's journey will be easier if we share it with friends, grow and learn with them. Treasure the true one that comes along, and cherish the memories that had touched your life. Share love, laughters and live long!!!