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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Blessings of Forgiveness

"Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother when he sins against me? Up to seven times?" Jesus answered, 'I tell you, not seven times, but seventy-seven times'" (Matt 18:21-22)

An excellent definition of forgiveness as it applies to human relationships is freeing up and putting better use of the energy once consumed by holding grudges, harboring resentments, and nursing unhealed wounds. Forgiveness is not an option, it is a commandment. It does not matter how bad the offense, if we cannot forgive and allow the Lord to deal with it as He promised,we will have issues of resentment, anger, bitterness and depression.

Forgiveness is often difficult to others because offenders may deny their behavior or avoid acknowledging it. It is important to note that forgiveness does not necessarily mean forgetting the offense, trusting the offender, or even associating with him/her. There is no peace in being abusive to others in any way, whether it be emotionally, physically, or sexually for those who are abusive will remain in mental and spiritual turmoil until they come to Christ in all humility and seek forgiveness through complete repentance. And even the most hardened, may at times feel the prick of conscience and thus the need for forgiveness from God.

An attitude of forgiveness generates a feeling of peace and optimism about life. It is a blend of charity, forgiveness and respect; and it takes into account the realization that God stands at the helm and we are His children. If we develop that heart to center around virtues of love, compassion, forgiveness and long-suffering, we refuse to take advantage of another's weakness and being willing to forgive someone who has hurt us - the quality that enable us to deal with our fellowmen more compassionately.

If someone fails to give up their anger and trust in the Lord, standing ready and willing to forgive-they are committing themselves to bondage of their own anger and pride, and a slave of someone else's sin.


Bingkee said...

Because it is very hard to forgive, the most powerful message that I keep in mind when dealing with forgiveness is the whole chapter of Romans 12. Those verses 17-21 urge me to forgive and also what Jesus said, "Forgive others and you shall be forgiven."

WHITEShadow said...

Dear Bingkee: It is very true that it's hard to forgive. But I don't want to put my salvation at stake just because I can't forgive people who hurt my pride in any way. I know this is one of the requirement for us to be worthy to go back to His presence, if we are not capable of forgiving others, we forfeit ourselves from that blessing.

Keep the faith.

DoLLY said...

Forgiveness. Just what I want to write about next. It really is hard to forgive sometimes, but, for both the offender and the offended, it's the only way to move on and embrace God's gifts after the painful experience. I could not imagine how one would be able to move on from a painful experience without forgiveness.

Thank you so much my co-bloggers for all your wisdom-filled blogs. We may not have met in person, but you are actually becoming a part of my "faith journey" now.

Let's keep the faith as always!

niar said...

I think forgiveness is a something small but can make everything great . and forgive someone make us feel peace, and happy, although sometimes it feels difficult to do.
I hope we can be a someone who easy to forgive another. cause it also shows that we hearten person and have a big emphaty.
can I add you in my link white shadow? cause I really want to know every posting you write. I thank you before...^-^

tikno said...

Dear Whiteshadow,

For me, the REAL forgiveness is come from the heart and then =FORGET= it. If still remembered such things again... the meaning is we never forget. Logically give a forgiveness under human awareness.

If that's true, I suspect that God still asking our willingness from inner soul.

I just expressing my feelings from my own experience, NO intention to teach anyone here.

How lucky these world of having kind-hearted woman like you.


WHITEShadow said...

Dear Dolly: Thank you so much for your compliments. This is the only reason why I'm here to share what is true and just. If this is the only way to strengthen each others' faith across the globe, why not?

Wish you well and keep the faith.

Dear Niar: Thank you so much for your kind words. I will be honored if you want to add me in your 'link'. And just like you, it's always been my prayer that may we be easy to forgive, and slow to judge others and slow to stoke our anger.

You take care and keep the faith.

Dear Tikno: Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for your kind words. Forgetting the offense is not easy but just like what you said if you can't forget the pain and anger will keep on coming back and slows you down to move on. That's why it is always easier to unload the burden than carrying pride and anger.

Keep the faith....


Pearl said...

In forgiving, one has to have a selective amnesia, that is to forget the fault of the other person. Truly you can't say you have forgiven your enemy if you haven't forgotten his/her fault.
Forgiveness is a blessing from God.
God bless you whiteshadow.

Iron_woman said...

“FORGIVENESS” One of the most divisive tools Lucifer uses in waging war against the kingdom of God on earth is putting into the souls of men an unforgiving heart. And being human, everyone of us is affected to some extend.

And why do people continue to carry resentments in their hearts, blaming others for how they feel and struggling with the consequential misery,? In almost all situations, they do not know how to forgive. No one has shown them how. Most often they do not realize they are committing the greater sin. Consequently, they have many understanding of what forgiveness is and how to carry it out.

Even Christ forgives pain that we inflict on Him through our transgressions, we are to forgive our fellowmen who inflict pain on us through their transgressions.

Thanks for this post WhiteShadow. You touch my heart.

I whisper to God said...

I am awarding you the Smile Stone Award. Please see my blog

and pass it on. :)

WHITEShadow said...

Hi Pearl: I agree, forgiveness is a blessing from God and it can bring miracle to our lives. Thanks for you're inspired thought and for visiting my blog.

Dear Iron_woman: Just as what you have said, the opposition is doing his best to bring misery in our lives as he don't want us to be happy but God showed us the way to be happy and so is the way to repent and the blessings of it.

Dear i whisper to God: Thanks for the smile stone award. I knew you did as I have visited your site already.

Keep the faith.

Anonymous said...

The demand to forgive can sometimes be hard to fulfil. Small offences, injustice suffered, slander, and humiliation suffered, we will forgive and by doing so rise above the common. We will be stronger and by faith feel just by doing so, and the one being forgiven will have a chance to regret and end his evil ways by the feeling of being deprived of responsibility, by loosing respect. But what about really evil acts, such as torture and homicide? Is the commandment to forgive absolute, so that also such actions shall be forgiven? It is a difficult question. Lord Jesus himself indeed forgives every time He, the way, the truth and the life, is tortured and killed, and he expects us to come to belief thereby. But when is enough? Is a man crippled by torture to blame if he will not forgive the evil transgressor? Of course not. We shall not judge in such a case, but leave the judgement to the good Lord. Some acts are not to forgive, namely when they are manifestations of blasphemy, and in some cases it is necessary to arrest and condemn Satan to get rid of him. Some people are incapable of improving, of coming to faith in God.

WHITEShadow said...

Hi Anders: Thank you so much for the many questions which I know where also the concerns of many people about forgiveness. I myself also give a deeper thought about the issue. It must be really hard to forgive someone who almost totally destroy your life. But the commandment say so, and who am I to judge to those who do the offensive and judge the offender? ours is to comply a requirement to forgive. I am thinking that if we withhold the feeling of anger we will miss a lot of opportunity, and we deprive ourselves from the blessings that may come along after forgiveness. Besides, it's a good feeling to live in peace and free from anger. May we always have the courage to do what God has required us to do.

Keep the faith...

Anonymous said...

But if the offender does not regret and turn away from his ill doings forgiveness is meaningless. :-)

WHITEShadow said...

Dear anders w. ellingsen: People are given choices and to those who knows the truth and go against it will face a greater accountability. There is no good act that are meaningless and so with forgiveness even if the offender ignores it and do the same offense,but he who forgives will receive merits from the Lord. Matt 6:14 'For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you', and we are not given a choices to forgive only those who promised us not to do the same offense.
Thanks, I know that it will be hard but if we try to develop a forgiving heart, maybe it will be a lot easier to forgive next time. :)

Anonymous said...


Still forgiveness is not unconditional. Forgiveness are meant for the ones showing repentance, for those turning to God asking for forgiveness. We are not prostitutes in the act of forgiving, and in some cases we will do good by condemning. Unconditional forgiveness allows evilness to occur.

Thank you for your comment in the comment box on my blog Rhymes of faith. Sorry to say I have had to reconstruct the entire blog so your comment vanished. I welcome you to make a new in the new blog.