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Monday, October 20, 2008

We are Children of God

If we think about the divinity of our Heavenly Father and our state being carnal and our imperfections, we can feel the big gap between Heaven and Earth. The reason why people find it hard to endure all of the sacrifices and afflictions they are trying to battle with everyday. The way is to know where we from and what comes after this life. If we know that we are a literal children of our Heavenly Father and that this life is a test to prove ourselves worthy to go back to His presence, then we know what to fight for to live the life God expect us to be. We know that we have to make ourselves worthy for the companionship of the spirit and let God influence our lives. We have to make Him a center of our goals, a reason for every decision we make and the focus of our lives. Only then we will realized that there's not a single challenge hard to bear, there's no enemy hard to forgive and easier to love even those who hurt you as they too are children of God. Would it be nice if we can live with God as the center of our life? Love begets love and that's how we can bring peace and joy to our troubled hearts.


DoLLY said...

Thumbs up! It's not easy to live with God as the center of our life, but with God's grace, it is possible. Enriching blogs you have here! Very inspiring! I just "followed" you.

WHITEShadow said...

Nice to meet you here and thanks for stopping by. I just thought, why don't we use this innovations and the technology to spread the good news. It's really handy.

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Nice piece about sacred marriage. I totally agree 100%. The other side of the coin about church leaders sinning. I am not so much afraid of those that have sinned openly. I am afraid of those that have not been exposed (or discovered) and yet they portray themselves as saints and their true sins are still hidden very well from the knowledge of the entire congregation. No matter how holy the person, 'everyone' has skeleton bones in their closet.

WHITEShadow said...

Hi Nuke,
Thanks for sharing your pure-honest view about marriage. I think what is more important is to see if the things we're doing is acceptable to our Maker's sight or not. We can't just tell that being accepted by the society we're in is enough, as we can see, even our society accept some of the immoral practices and seems to be a norm of the society.

AngelMist said...

I love this blog! It talks plainly about the things going on just everyday. It sure is true that we are Children of God. You can't ignore that plain truth. Isn't that a reason to do more good and something worthwhile?

Power Up Love said...

This brings to mind, 1 Peter 1:22,23_" sincere love of the brethren, love one another fervently with a pure heart,(23)having been born again, not of corruptible seed but incorrupitible, through the word of God which lives in and abides forever"

Blessings...And smiles, <><

love-ely said...

Yes, we are children of God. Who you means "God"?
I'm getting attracted when reading your profile (in "About Me"). You asked: "Why there isn't a universal faith? Why people argue the same principles over and over again?"

I like to know your review towards my dream for "ONE" (in post title "If One Why Different" and "Open Letter To All The President"). Of course if you have time.

bingkee said...

The problem with so many saying that God does not exist when they are looking for proofs when the proofs of God are already working on their lives. But God don't reveal His glory to closed hearts and minds. He requires faith before believing. In man's words, "to see is to believe" but with God "to believe Him is to see Him".

WHITEShadow said...

Hi AngelMist,
Thanks for the input, you're right if we think of Him always, that will, I'm sure will help us do things of greater worth. Thanks for following the blog.

Loving our brethren sincerely and fervently with a pure heart -that is Charity- a pure Love of Christ. Nice thought.

Thanks for the nice idea. I have visited your blog and it is awesome.

Yes, you are right at that. But even people see the proofs they are still blinded with their pride. Just think how many people witness Jesus Christ doing all of the miracles and yet they turned their hearts against Him.
So it is not only that they don't believe because they have no faith and have neglected the facts but they are prideful and hypocrites.

Keep the faith - true to the faith, be steadfast and immovable, not in your religion but He who is the founder of His church.