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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Ordinance of Baptism

How many ways of baptism did Jesus Christ taught us? I have known different religious sects practice baptism different from the other. In the scripture, there is only one way of baptism demonstrated by Jesus Christ himself (Matt. 3:16). He was fully immersed in the water. But there are churches that tried to make it more convenient for them. Some a few sprinkles of water in the head, to others a dipper or two of water poured over their heads and there are some that name the river "Jordan" to make it sounds like a more holy and a true way of baptism just like Jesus had. But the true meaning and concept of baptism was not there. Don't we remember that in the Scripture only Jesus was baptized being holy and perfect? How about baptizing infants? I believe the purpose of baptism is washing away of our sins (Acts 2:38). One must have faith in Jesus Christ and faith brings remission of sins and desire to be baptized. Infants are not capable of committing sins and know nothing about faith, but they are pure, that's why the grace of God is sufficient for them and they need no baptism.

In one of the Easter congregation, the priest is sprinkling 'holy' water (as they called it) by dipping a leafy branch of a tree in a bowl saying 'renew your baptismal covenants!' I was thinking, how foolish are these priests to say that phrase. Don't they know that those infants and even young children that they baptized know nothing about the covenants they were talking? They haven't entered into a covenant! They are helpless when they pour water over their heads! Are these young and tender souls willfully submit themselves to be baptized? No! I was baptized too when I was just a baby and I told my parents if they only give me the chance to choose my own faith that I definitely would not become a member of their church. Lots of parents exploited the rights of so many children, most have grown up and have no strong gospel foundation.

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